Our Mission

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Strip Club Outreach

Teams of women have been building relationships with local strip clubs since 2014; offering love and support to the dancers and staff. Teams bring gift-bags that contain items such as: make-up, baked-goods, jewelry, sugar scrubs, and cards of encouragement. It is our hope that each woman recognizes her true beauty, potential, and worth. Our intention is to love and encourage unconditionally.

Brothel Outreach

Teams of women build relationships with madaams and mamasans in order to enter these establishments. Bringing gifts and written material in their native language, teams are able to build friendships with a population that is often hidden in plain sight.

Online Outreach

Small groups of men and women deliver phone calls and messages of hope to women who have posted escort ads online through secure calls and text messages. These teams pray for and connect with these women, offering compassion and essential human connection. 

Pornography Conventions

In partnership with XXXChurch.com

Teams have fun giving away bibles and t-shirts. Developing friendship with performers, producers, show promoters, and consumers. We are your friends - whether you shoot porn, star in port, watch porn, or leave porn.


Service Providers

We work closely with service providers - locally and internationally - to insure that our referrals are met in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, all service providers that we are affiliated with have had training on Trauma-informed Approach through Lavished Ministries, the Trindi Project, or another vetted organization.


Having a support system is conducive to recovery. No matter the circumstances that the woman has found herself in, it is important to have a system of support. An option that we have found most conducive in obtaining a support system is utilizing the network of churches in our area.


We partner with local businesses who have the ability to train and hire women who desire to transition out of the commercial sex industry. Many ladies leave the industry with minimal job experience, yet need income to support themselves and their  families. Our network of business owners are willing to assist our ladies in finding job placement.


Life Skill Classes

Budgeting, cooking, sewing, and make-up application are some of the many topics that are covered during our themed, biweekly, Empowerment Classes. Ladies gather together for 2 hours in a comfortable, confidential, environment for the opportunity to be encouraged, and uplifted, by our fabulous Empowerment Class Coordinator, Sherri Rocher.

Bible Studies

In collaboration with our empowerment classes, we host biweekly Bible studies for adult women who desire to learn more about what the Bible says about topics that relate to our lives.


Our Director of Aftercare and Recovery, Rehnada Grahn, walks alongside the women who currently work in the clubs or have transitioned out. Rehnada coordinates monthly prayer calls and offers one-on-one case management to the ladies.